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Jason Gerard

Jason Gerard

Jason Gerard is Senior Software Architect at randrr and has 18 years of software development experience. At randrr, Jason is working with an awesome team to revolutionize and reinvent the recruiting landscape. When not slinging code, Jason helps his wife wrangle three children and occasionally sneaks into the garage to stare at his dusty woodworking tools.


Friday 3:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Services & Data Track Atlantica B

Code to Container - Building Microservices with .NET Core and Docker

Docker, Containers, Microservices: Buzzword fad or something you should care about? In this session we'll cut through the hype and explain what Microservices are, why you should care, and how Docker containers should be an integral part of your tool belt. Advanced code samples will be melded with solid architectural guidance in this in-depth session.