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Shaunak Kashyap

Shaunak Kashyap

Shaunak Kashyap has been working as a backend developer in the Internet software industry for over a decade. Some of his more interesting past gigs include building a poker search and analytics engine; a system for tracking and analyzing the jail population in Louisville, Kentucky; and ground software to command and control earth-imaging satellites. Today, Shaunak works as a Developer Advocate at Elastic, the makers of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.


Sunday 9:15 AM - 9:15 AM

Beyond Code Track Solaria B

Where's my stuff? Modernizing your application with search

The modern paradigm for finding information is search. Users much prefer to search for information from a text box than to browse for it. You want your users to have this power of search on your web site. How do you achieve this? Enter Elasticsearch: An open-source, simple-to-setup and simple-to-use search project. In this presentation, Shaunak will give you the tour of Elasticsearch: from fundamental concepts, to its HTTP API, to how it works under the hood. Shaunak will build a simple application for searching recipes using the JavaScript client for Elasticsearch. As he walks you through the demo step by step, you'll get insight into Elasticsearch's indexing, searching, and aggregations capabilities.