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Eric Landes

Eric Landes

Eric is the Director of the ALM Practice at AgileThought. He is also a Microsoft ALM MVP., and a Professional Scrum Trainer. He has been involved with the IT industry for over 20 years. He helps coach and implement agile and ALM solutions and has presented on Kanban, automated acceptance tests, continuous deployment and other agile topics across the United States. Eric is involved with User Groups like Local Variables (in the South Bend area).


Friday 2:15 PM - 2:15 PM

Beyond Code Track Solaria B

Java Devs Love TFS!

Visual Studio ALM (TFS specifically) offers great tooling for developers of all persuasions. Eric demonstrates the power of utilizing TFS as the ALM orchestration engine in a java centric environment. Using Jenkins for builds, and docker for containerization, TFS allows transparency across these tools for the entire organization. Eric shows best practices for viewing work items on a scrum board, and tying that work to actual java or angular.js code. Eric then shows how your team can tie user stories and tasks to specific releases of software.