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John Garland

John Garland

John Garland is a Principal Consultant and Instructor at Wintellect and has been developing software professionally since the 1990’s. His consulting clients range from small businesses to Fortune-500 companies and his work has been featured at Microsoft conference keynotes and sessions. John lives in Cumming, GA with his wife and daughter and is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He is the author of the book “Windows Store Apps Succinctly” and co-author of the book "Programming the Windows Runtime by Example." John is currently a member of the Microsoft Azure Insiders group, a member of the Azure Mobile Services Advisory Board, and a Windows Platform Development MVP.


Sunday 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Mobile & IoT Track Atlantica A

Putting the Cloud in Your Pocket - Lighting up mobile applications with the Azure Mobile Apps Service

Need to provide a web-based API back-end for your mobile app, but don't want to spend most of your app's development lifecycle doing so? Need to add authentication & authorization or offline data sync to your app? Then the Azure Mobile App service is probably exactly what you're looking for. This session is for software developers who are interested in learning how to leverage features provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud services to extend the reach of their mobile apps. It will cover the core features offered by the Azure Mobile App service, including data storage, custom APIs, authentication/authorization, and offline data synchronization.