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Jon Galloway

Jon Galloway

Jon works at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist focused on ASP.NET and Windows Azure. He's co-author of Wrox Professional MVC, writes samples and tutorials like the MVC Music Store and is a frequent speaker at major conferences and international Web Camps events. Jon's been doing professional web development for 17 years, including high scale applications in financial, entertainment and healthcare analytics. He's part of the Herding Code podcast, Twitters as @jongalloway and blogs at


Friday 3:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Cloud & Web Track Atlantica C

ASP.NET Core - Front-end / SPA Overview

Come learn about some great new features for building front-end applications on ASP.NET Core. We'll look overview Angular 2, React / Redux, and Knockout using Yeoman project scaffolding, talk about managing your front-end asset pipeline, and cover some exciting new and evolving features like JavaScriptServices and the new Bundler-Minifier.

Sunday 10:30 AM - 10:30 AM

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Keynote: How Real Is This Cross-Platform .NET Thing, Really?

I was incredibly klutzy before two of my biggest presentations this year, destroying hardware, virtual machines and demos. A real menace. Each time, I turned to my newest dev tool, cross-platform .NET. Come hear why I think the cross-platform .NET thing is the real deal: useful today, worth investing in for the future.