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Yufeng Guo

Yufeng Guo

Yufeng has been building computers since elementary school and lives at the intersection of hardware and software. He is interested in combining IoT devices, big data, and machine learning, and loves learning new technologies. When he's not tinkering, you can find him running on the road or the track training for his next race.


Friday 2:15 PM - 2:15 PM

Mobile & IoT Track Atlantica A

A cloud-based security camera system using the Google Cloud Vision API

Taking pictures is easy. Making sense of those pictures and getting useful meaning out of them is hard. But with the powerful cloud-based technologies that are available today, what once required sophisticated teams to build can now be done by individuals. In this talk, we will construct a security webcam that uses machine learning to identify and alert you when anomalies are detected, using the Google Cloud Vision API.