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Bett Bollhoefer

Bett Bollhoefer

Bett has worked in the IT and development space since 1999. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster, former President of Distinguished Division Governor in Toastmasters, and winner of the Division Governor of the Year award. Before joining GE, she first worked as a developer, then as a Solutions Architect at Verizon. Today, Bett is an Architect at GE Digital focused on Predix Platform Architecture. To round out her technical expertise, Bett speaks and writes on software design and is the author of several books including Zen of Software Development, You Can Be a Software Architect and the sci-fi novel Engineer Your Perfect Child. Bett cohosted the popular Software Architecture Concepts podcast for two years. And for fun, Bett is a professional Improv actor, enjoys swing dancing, painting and playing the cello.


Saturday 5:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Beyond Code Track Solaria B

Architecture in the Cloud

Everyone is always talking about how wonderful the cloud is. But is it really? If your system isn't carefully designed you could be missing out on how to leverage the strengths of the cloud. You can also introduce new weaknesses into your system without even realizing it. This highly interactive workshop will give the participants a taste of how to make the critical trade offs and design decisions for Architecture in the Cloud.