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Jedd Ahyoung

Jedd Ahyoung

Jedd Ahyoung is a full-stack developer currently working in Tallahassee. In eight years of professional experience, he's touched upon many disciplines, ranging from network and server administration to mobile application development. Although he's a fan of languages like C#, he's been having a lot of fun with all the things that Javascript has to offer.


Sunday 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Cloud & Web Track Atlantica C

Accelerate your App Development with Aurelia

So you want to build the next great web application - but you're having trouble finding a framework that allows you to get things done without getting in your way. Enter Aurelia, a next-generation application framework designed to streamline your application development. In this talk, we'll first explore the conventions that make Aurelia easy to use, along with the framework modules that help you get started quickly. Then, we'll take a look at its ability to extend HTML via Web Components. Finally, we'll touch upon Aurelia's flexibility and extensibility points. With Aurelia, you don't have to serve the framework - you can let the framework serve you.