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Paul Irwin

Paul Irwin

Paul Irwin is Chief Software Engineer at feature[23], a software consulting firm in downtown Jacksonville, Florida where he helps deliver business value for clients in diverse industries such as health care, human resources, logistics, music, seafood distribution, personal fitness, construction data analytics, and charities. Paul is the co-founder of Code on the Beach, the annual beachfront software engineering conference in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Paul's past experience includes being lead engineer of the e-commerce platform at Fanatics, running some of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. Paul is a graduate of Florida State University, and lives in urban Jacksonville with his wife Katy and their pug dog Ducky.


Sunday 9:15 AM - 9:15 AM

Services & Data Track Atlantica B

Async Code: Best Practices and New Languages

C# 5 has been out for long enough now that many C# developers are already using the async and await keywords on a daily basis. It may be tempting to just start using the keywords right away, but do you know the best practices? Writing async code can bite you if you’re not careful. In this session, I’ll walk you through best practices learned from the trenches for asynchronous programming in C# with async and await, a deep dive into how async and await are implemented at the compiler level, and examples of C#-inspired async and await popping up in other languages all the way from JavaScript to C++.