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James Blair

James Blair

Originally coming from a background in chemistry, several years ago James shifted his focus back to his first love, computing. With a BS in Chemistry from Wake Forest University, and an MS in Polymer and Organic Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, James is now completing an MS in Software Engineering at the University of North Florida. Always a lover of math and science, it hasn't been a terrible transition. By day, James is an ASP.NET and iOS developer, but he doesn't use the same language for both platforms. When he's not working, James likes playing guitar, cooking, and brewing his own beers.


Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Services & Data Track Atlantica B

Advanced Topics in Swift

If you’ve done any iOS development, you’ve likely seen Apple’s new language Swift by now. You’ve probably seen that it has functional features in addition to supporting OOP. You probably know it’s a major step up from Objective-C, with modern features like managed memory instead of raw pointers and a strong type system. Swift also contains a bunch of lesser-known (but equally awesome) features that allow you to write cleaner, safer, more reusable code. Learn how features like optionals, enumeration associated values, first-class functions, and protocol extensions can keep your code quality high without sacrificing your productivity.