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Be Better Than (the) REST

REST is not a technology; it’s an architecture. However, the most common implementation of REST is to use HTTP verbs and JSON over TCP. We can do better. Why limit yourself to GET, POST, PUT, DELETE? What if you could have methods such as “GetCustomerList” or “SendConfirmationEmail”? That’s much better. What if this was much faster than REST? Interested? Come see how gRPC makes service calls better. See how it works with all major languages. See how code can be generated. See how fast it is as we compare it to REST in real time, live, on the screen. Actual code, actually running, with real results. Whether you are wading into the microservices waters, or simply want to make your existing services faster and better, this session is for you. By the end of this dynamic presentation, you’ll be prepared to implement gRPC and make your systems fly.

Saturday 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

B Atlantica B