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Effective Application Instrumentation with Application Insights

John Garland is an author, developer and consultant who has been developing software professionally since the 90s and has presented at conferences all over the world. He is currently a Microsoft Azure MVP a member of the Microsoft Azure Insiders, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. In his talk “Effective Application Instrumentation with Application Insights” attendees will explore the third DevOps pillar: Continuous Monitoring. Without good telemetry and monitoring, you will lack critical insight into what actually needs to be built and deployed. This talk you will show you how you can leverage Azure Application Insights to collect data from your solution’s components and to allow you to explore and display your telemetry in ways that you can leverage to provide valuable understanding of your application’s behavior and the way your users interact with it.

Saturday 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

C Atlantica C