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Matt Bishop

Matt Bishop

I'm a technology guy who works in the mobile applications space managing development and overseeing platform architecture. Besides work I have a pretty serious Jeep hobby, play a lot of ultimate, and snap a few photos from time to time.


Friday 9:30 AM - 9:30 AM

C Track Atlantica C

Peer-Based Code Review Tools and Best Practices

Software companies are increasingly moving to a more iterative development and deployment model for their projects and products. To accommodate a faster speed of delivery and overall reliability, software teams are working together even more via peer-based code review, automated deployments and unit testing, and more. When developers are engaging with each other to provide feedback, most importantly before it is committed for larger exposure, significant gains toward individual eduction and skill set are achieved. Furthermore, once code review is achieved and a developer truly "asserts" their work with new tests, support for backward compatibility, etc. a more resilient and stable work product is delivered. Various best practices for review and process improvement will be shown and can be integrated relatively easily into any team environment.