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Ken Bedwell

Ken Bedwell

Ken has 20+ years experience as a developer and architect working on solving hard problems at scale. He is currently CEO at Nuvuli, trying to make cloud native computing easy and cheap. Prior to Nuvuli, Ken was VP Engineering at Ken lives in Ponte Vedra, FL with wife and 5 children. His last free time was in 2014 and he spent it working on his old Jeep.


Friday 10:45 AM - 10:45 AM

A Track Atlantica A

"Look Mom... No Server!" Python Web Applications with Flask and Zappa

Serverless cloud computing has become much more approachable in the last few years. In this talk we discuss the serverless computing landscape, strategies for migrating to serverless, build a serverless Python Flask application with ReactJS front end, and painlessly deploy it to multiple cloud providers.