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Woodie Westbrook

Woodie Westbrook

Woodie Westbrook has been writing applications since the mid 80s starting out on the venerable Tandy TRS-80. Since then he has worked across many sectors of government and private industry specializing in architecture, web applications, DevOps, and agile development. Currently he is the Director of Application Development at BlueStar Retirement Services. He is a US Army veteran, college drop-out, American Mensa member, and brutal pragmatist with a lack of self-preservation instincts and a propensity for injury. He loves good science fiction, craft beer, and going really fast on anything with two wheels. When not working he enjoys Nerf gun wars with his son, movie night with his wife, long walks with his Doberman, and off-road motorcycle racing.


Friday 1:00 PM - 1:00 PM

A Track Atlantica A

Building Web Apps with Vue.js

I know what you are thinking. Fantastic, another JavaScript framework that is going to be difficult to learn and obsolete in a month, sign me up! It's true, the world is being crushed under the weight of JavaScript frameworks but Vue.js is a worthy addition to the fray of front-end framework. Vue.js is flexible, progressive, fast, light, and best of all easy to learn. Vue is highly modular, discarding the "kitchen sink " feel of other frameworks for a "pick what you need" approach. We'll discuss what makes Vue.js so awesome, deep dive into features and metrics, and see how it compares to other frameworks such as Angular and React.