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Chase Aucoin

Chase Aucoin

I have officially been in the information technology business for about ten years, but I am going on 25 years of in-depth research into all things programming, math, and technology. I have had the absolute pleasure of working alongside fellow industry experts, developers, scientists, statisticians, and executives across nearly every field, including, Agriculture, Medicine, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy, Software as Product, Consulting, and so many more! Every day I do my best to mentor those around me, provide training, build specialized skills faster, and lead with kindness, patience, and a servant mentality. I have been able to provide my input and expertise to define cutting-edge solutions for the companies I consult with and help them achieve defined business goals.


Friday 2:15 PM - 2:15 PM

B Track Atlantica B

Neural Networks: Where do I start?!?

Neural networks have made a massive comeback in the last five years. We went from having a simple multi-layer network in 1975-1995 to Now there are dozens of different architectures, languages, patterns, and problem spaces. Trying to decide where to start learning can feel incredibly daunting. I would like to help with that. I'm going to share with you my experiences from the field about what all the different architecture are from basic to latest and greatest. We'll also see what the different types of problems we can try to solve for (using cows) and how you can get started using them today in your projects.