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Jason Beutler

Jason Beutler

Several years ago, Jason Beutler was teaching a college computer engineering class when he realized that his students were writing better code than an outsourced team he was supervising at the same time. And that’s how EduSource was born. Rather than outsourcing custom software creation overseas, the company “edu-sources” software to the local education community. Student apprentices work for EduSource for up to two years while in school, gaining true professional experience, while earning money for college. With almost 20 years of professional programming experience, you might expect Jason to spend his free time reading fantasy fiction, playing board games, or drinking Mountain Dew. He does. But he also spends a fair amount of time playing competitive sand volleyball and fanning hard-core at Notre Dame football games. Jason is passionate about new ideas, teamwork, and gaining efficiency through process. EduSource has grown from one employee in 2012 to more than 30 today. A certified small business that writes custom software applications out of Indianapolis, Ind., EduSource emphasizes coaching, training, and accountability. It has to – the average age of the company is only 29-years-old.


Friday 2:15 PM - 2:15 PM

Beyond Code Track Solaria B

Growing Developers Through Accountability

Accountability ... it sounds boring. But it has truly transformed EduSource. Through accountability, we've been able to cut out the mid-level of management, and have watched entry-level developers succeed at managing teams. With a few senior developers available to help with architecture decisions and to perform code reviews, our teams of 24-year-olds, accompanied by student apprentices, are completing complicated web-application projects on-time and on-budget, something that's virtually unheard of in our industry. We're working accountability into every level of our business at EduSource, from holding sales accountable for the number of contacts made per day to holding finance accountable to the percentage of outstanding invoices each week. Of course, most of EduSource consists of our dev teams, who are held accountable daily to leading metrics dealing with delivery, efficiency, quality, and cost. It involves a lot of math, process, and intentionality. I'm convinced that every business needs to work accountability into every level. Here's how to do it.