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Ken Wheeler

Ken Wheeler

Director of Open Source at Formidable, Author of several popular Open Source Libraries, Thoroughly American, Archery and BBQ enthusiast


Friday 3:30 PM - 3:30 PM

A Track Atlantica A

Why You Should Try ReasonML

ReasonML is a new syntax extension on top of OCaml, a mature systems language, that has seen an uptick in interest as of late. The ReasonML syntax fixes some longstanding gripes with OCaml and makes it a bit more palatable, IMO, to developers coming from the JS world. It is not only a blazing fast systems language, but a great way to write your Javascript, using Bucklescript (courtesy of Bloomberg). In this talk I will examine why this language/syntax makes sense for your Javascript projects, what feature make working in it really nice, and how to get started with it today!