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David Bates

David Bates

Tagline: Sure, I can build that. Desilopaneer: Seeker of Knowledge, Builder of Things. I've been around the block working on projects from small startups to building automation platforms for companies like Verizon and Disney. I love to tinker with technology and share that passion with you.


Friday 3:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Beyond Code Track Solaria B

Tweeting in the Upside Down: How I Built an Interactive 'Stranger Things' Display

This talk will walk through the process of building a Stranger Things wall from start to finish. You'll learn what you need to code with ESP8266 as an IoT platform and how to roll your own services for communicating with IoT devices using a custom NodeJS server. We'll talk about connecting the application to Twitter and how to transform messages to numbers to address LEDs. In the end, we will all have fun sending messages to the wall and reminisce about the show.