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Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant

Ashley Grant is a Microsoft MVP for Front End Development and Community Lead for the Aurelia JavaScript Framework. Ashley blogs at when he isn't training developers to be successful building their apps with Aurelia. His goal is to lead developers in to the pit of success for all their front-end work!


Saturday 11:00 AM - 11:00 AM

A Track Atlantica A

No Strings Attached: JavaScript without Webpack, Transpilers, or Frameworks

Writing JavaScript used to mean a tangled mess of hacks to avoid global variables, jQuery, and oh so many callbacks. ES2015 and beyond have changed all that. We'll migrate a jQuery based website to a more modern foundation, and we'll do it without using any of those JavaScript Frameworks that keep popping up! You'll learn how modern browser JavaScript engines provide a great place to write more readable and maintainable code, and you'll see that you often don't need polyfills or transpilers to use these features!