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Dean Layton

Dean Layton

Current Organization: Bank of America Current Role: Senior Vice President - Consumer & Marketing Analytics Primary Job Responsibility: • Segmentation scoring for Small Business SBRC and SB Good • Channel analytics and Caller reduction Years with Bank of America: 19 Location: Jacksonville, FL Background: • SAS user for 25+ years. • Knowledge in Teradata, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Informix and Hadoop • A Data Scientist "wanna-be", studying R for last 4 years • Prior college adjunct professor teaching Oracle and PL/SQL and Management Information Systems • Member of Big Data Jax - Data Scientist Meet-up group • President of R IHUG at Bank of America Education: • B.A. Business, University of North Florida • B.T. Computer Science, University of North Florida • M.S. Management Science, Troy State University Hobbies: Restoring older cars and houses Passions: Cathy (my wife) and Tristan (my son)


Saturday 5:00 PM - 5:00 PM

B Track Atlantica B

Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis of the Forrest Gump Movie

The analysis takes the four main characters of the movie (Forrest, Jenny, LT Dan and Bubba) using R packages sysuzhet to show the 8 emotions, qdap to show the n-gram equal 2 phrases, tidytext and function tf_idf to show phrases Forrest verses Jenny would say but not the other, wordcloud(s) of the 2 words phrases for visualization of all four characters. The bonus is using package tidytext to show how many different ways Bubba knew how to make shrimp.