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Brian Ritchie

Brian Ritchie

Brian Ritchie is the CTO for XeoHealth responsible for overseeing the technology roadmap, architecture, systems infrastructure, and technology operations. He has over 22 years of technology experience developing software and managing technology teams in various industries. Prior to XeoHealth, Mr. Ritchie was CTO & Chief Architect at Payspan responsible for Product Engineering and Infrastructure Technology. Brian designed and architected large scalable multi-tenant systems as part of the healthcare reimbursement cycle. Mr. Ritchie is active in the technology community giving presentations to local user groups and code camps. He is the author of RavenDB High Performance published by PACKT in 2013 and holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska. Mr. Ritchie is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.


Saturday 3:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Beyond Code Track Solaria B

Transforming your application with ElasticSearch

Have an existing application that needs search super powers? Or are ad hoc searches melting your SQL Server? Either way, this is the talk for you. We will explore search enabling an existing application - from data modeling to retrieval. In this talk, we will cover data modeling for search, connecting ElasticSearch to your data pipeline, building a search API and connecting to an Angular web site.