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Call for Participation

Code on the Beach is a non-profit, destination software engineering conference at a beachfront resort that focuses on intensive education, a family-friendly atmosphere, and fun networking. We are looking for interesting software engineering, entrepreneurship, and design topics from a wide array of speakers to make our conference as diverse as possible. This is our public Call for Participation (CFP), and below is an outline of how our CFP works.

Important Dates


Topics for Code on the Beach must be in the realm of software/web engineering, software architecture, general programming, entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, or UI/UX design. For software topics, preference is given to content at an intermediate- to advanced-level (300-400 level) as our target audience consists of mostly seasoned developers. Introductory-level (100-200 level) talks are accepted, but at a lower rate than higher-level talks.

Code on the Beach leaders and volunteers do not dictate what the content of the conference should be apart from the description above. If asked what topics we would prefer, we will not answer decisively. We rely on the community to come up with interesting topics that the community would enjoy.

The session length is a full 60 minutes, so please plan your session accordingly.

Selection Process

Our selection process falls into four categories of speakers: featured speakers (limited to 3), invited speakers, the CFP pool, and wildcard opportunity speakers.

The first two categories, featured and invited speakers, usually do not go through our public CFP process. These are speakers that either have such a high profile that they do not often submit to public CFPs, or have spoken at Code on the Beach in the past and were preselected, or were recommended to us from the community as speakers that they would like to hear from. It is possible that we could select someone from the CFP pool to be a featured speaker, though. Regardless, we still apply our anti-discrimination policy (see below) to the selection process of invited speakers, and we still require that they submit high quality sessions for approval.

We will guarantee that at least 50% of our speaker slots available will be filled by our public CFP process. Our selection process for the public CFP is done privately within our team, however we apply an anti-discrimination policy (see below) and will often seek input from our volunteers and other community members.

The wildcard opportunity category of speakers will fill at least 10% of our speaker slots. This gives speakers that do not have much speaking or professional experience the opportunity to speak at our world-class conference, which is a great launch point into future conference speaking opportunities. So if you have never spoken at a conference before, or do not have much work experience, or are a student, please submit to our CFP if you’re interested, as this category of speakers may give you the opportunity that would be difficult otherwise to achieve!

Please note that, with the exception of the wildcard category, we do not hold all CFP submissions until the close date. If your proposal is very strong, you may be selected as a speaker before the CFP close date. This means that it is possible we could run out of speaker slots by the CFP close date, so submit as early as you can.

Points of Consideration

We will take into consideration the following: quality of proposed session(s), education, work experience including years of experience and current/past employers (in a positive way only), conference speaking history, social media engagement (i.e. number of twitter followers), quality of blog post content, etc.

At Code on the Beach, we value diversity in our speaker roster to be a role model to the community and a driving force in providing opportunities to everyone.

Code of Conduct / Anti-Discrimination Policy

Code on the Beach has a strong Code of Conduct that prohibits discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion. We apply this principle to our selection process as well. We will never discriminate when inviting or selecting a speaker based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion. We also require our speakers to adhere to this Code of Conduct in both their actions and the content of their sessions.


If selected as a speaker, we will provide you with the following:

Please note that, apart from featured speakers in some cases, to keep ticket prices low we will NOT provide speakers with any of the following:


For the best chance at being selected, please keep the following in mind:

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