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Applied Ethics: The Missing Practice

Nearly every college graduate had the class. In fact, if you graduated with a degree in computer science, information systems or one of the many derivatives, you've likely even had a class on 'Computer Ethics'. But, when was the last time, in the context of working professionally, did you and your colleagues examine the ethical element of the work being conducted? How many of you work in organizations that openly address ethics when composing either the requirements or the solution for those requirements? To what extent do you consider the client's needs when selecting the development environment in which you'll deliver the solution? Should you? As a working professional, and business owner, questions like these are becoming a larger focus for Mike's views on the evolution of the profession. Further, how do teams deal with these dilemmas as they arise? When does "the craft" take on a larger set of responsibilities? In his presentation, Mike will attempt to draw some boxes around this very-difficult-to-define conversation, and propose some simple practices which may help teams better protect them, their employers AND their clients.

Saturday 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Startups & Design Solaria B