Containers & Kubernetes Workshop

Don Schenck
Digital Evangelist
About This Event

If you’re still waiting for your opportunity to learn about containers (e.g. “docker”), or you’re using containers and want to take them to the next level with Kubernetes, then this workshop is for you.

You have three options for this workshop, depending on how you wish to be involved:

1. You can simply listen and take notes, knowing that all of the course material is available for later use.

2. You can follow along on your PC as the workshop progresses.

3. You can speed along at your own pace.

No matter your development language of choice -- C#, nodejs, Python, etc. -- you can use containers to create fast-starting, portable and easily-distributed applications. It’s remarkably easy to get started with this exciting technology, and the benefits will become quickly obvious.

If you’re already familiar with containers, you’ll learn how to use Kubernetes to manage your containers, moving from single applications or services into a system of containerized pieces.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have working knowledge of: containers, docker, Kubernetes, CRI-O, Buildah, as well as the associated terms and concepts.

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