DevOps and how to succeed in failure

Schuyler Bishop
Account Principal
About This Event

DevOps transformations tend to happen two ways - top-down and bottom-up. How do we as technologists make sure the hard work we do to transform our team or organization doesn�t fail when we leave, or someone else leaves? It�s simple - we don�t. We fail in these situations because we haven�t found the business value to our transformation work, or we haven�t identified the like-minded people in our organization who can evangelize our progress. In my talk we will investigate the systemic failings that I have personally witnessed, been party to, or caused and also go through the lessons learned from those failures. We will talk about the specific tactics and practices I and my co-workers at Contino have used to create lasting transformations in organizations large and small. And I�ll have stickers because if all else fails and my talk bombs, at least you�ll have a sticker.

July 27, 2019
3:30 pm
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