Keynote - How To Not Get Dizzy: Five Things Figure Skating Taught Me About Debugging My Life and Career

Aimee Knight
About This Event

Five years ago when I sat down with my computer to play with Codecademy I would have never imagined I’d be working at my dream job, that I’d have the opportunity to speak at conferences and share my programming experiences with other developers, or that I’d join the very podcast I loved listening to each week! I was just a girl with a communications degree who spent her life on the ice and got really excited about programming in her 20’s! In this talk, I’m going to share the highs and lows, all the decisions and small steps I made along the way while bringing attention to just how fortunate I was to have been provided so many incredible opportunities along the way! "Suck it up buttercup"... "get comfortable being uncomfortable", these aren't just catchy phrases, they're keys I've lived by on my journey!

July 27, 2019
8:30 am
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