Let’s Kill the Microservices Hype

Don Schenck
Digital Evangelist
About This Event

Are you  about as fed up as I am with all the hype surrounding microservices? Are you tired of being told how your “two pizza team” is supposed to build a “microservice” over a “bounded context” using “ubiquitous language”? Who even talks like that?

   I say we come together, expose some of the hype and dogma surrounding  microservices, and lay waste to all this craziness.

   You don’t have to go all in to use containers. You’re not going to get  arrested by the “12 Factor Police” if you don’t include a connection string  in an environment variable. You aren’t Netflix, and you shouldn’t act like Netflix.

   This talk is not only fun, but by the end you’ll feel encouraged, justified, and ready to use technology to YOUR advantage. Let’s get ready to rant.

July 26, 2019
9:30 am
Atlantica B
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