Mixed Reality - moving from two-dimensional screens to spatial computing

Andreas Erben
CTO / CEO - Americas
About This Event

This session teaches attendees how to implement effective Mixed Reality applications that consider the three dimensional space in an empowering and useful way. Through specific code examples and explanations how to implement the presented scenarios, developers will be enabled to start building applications that participate in three dimensional space.

Decision makers will learn how to think about Mixed Reality applications  being more than displaying information in 3D, but to create value that only this new category of applications can provide. A range of scenarios and how to implement those scenarios will be discussed. This will start with the user's location, understanding what a user is looking at, or how a user can navigate and freely roam around in the 3D application space.

The session will cover how to make smart use of the real three-dimensional space in the application and to gain "spatial understanding" of the environment the application runs in.  Looking beyond individual applications and devices, a demonstration will introduce how Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors can enable persistent cross-device experiences. Various ways to make use of spatial information in solutions will be presented. Finally, the session will talk about what changes HoloLens 2 will introduce.  Attendees will be empowered to comfortably leave their safe space and dive into Mixed Reality.

July 27, 2019
3:30 pm
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