Workshop: Roll with It

Roll with It: Predicting House Value with the Duval County Property Tax Roll

Michael Mann
Senior Software Engineer
Katie Bakewell
Lead Statistician
About This Event

Bring your laptop and get ready to roll – we’re building a machine learning model to predict the value of a house in Duval County. Using the tax roll from the Duval County Property Appraiser, you will learn how to process data, build a baseline model, engineer new features, measure and improve a machine learning model’s accuracy, and predict future values. This interactive workshop will use Docker, Python, and Jupyter Notebook to build and test an appraisal model from a raw data file. Once we’ve walked through how to create and enhance a predictive model, there will be an interactive contest to see who can make the most accurate model.
What to Bring:
              A Laptop with Docker installed
              A GitHub account – Documentation and Data will be pulled down during the workshop
              Your competitive spirit

About NLP Logix:

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