Michael Mann

Senior Software Engineer

About me

Michael Mann is a Senior Software Engineer at NLP Logix with over 20 years of experience developing software professionally. In 2015, Michael joined the NLP Logix team and discovered working in the Artificial Intelligence space would require him to learn how to develop software in a new way.

As a leader on the NLP Logix Solution Development Team, his responsibilities include, Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Software Architecture, a little magic and a lot of science with heuristics sprinkled in.

At NLP Logix, Data Science is a team sport and Michael is a true team player when it comes to delivering the best possible solutions to our clients.

Michael Mann

Speaker's events

Day 0
1:00 pm

Workshop: Roll with It

Roll with It: Predicting House Value with the Duval County Property Tax Roll

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