Michael Potts

Founder and CEO of feature[23]

About me

Mike Potts is the Founder and CEO of feature[23], a Product Design and Development firm helping companies deliver on critical digital initiatives.

After more than a decade working as a software engineer and technology executive for the Fortune 100 and startups in more than one space, he began to realize that for software to become a critical part of any organizational strategy it had to evolve. The entire profession needed to move beyond the fad-driven dogma focused on the languages, tools and frameworks and develop a stronger relationship with the business it was meant to serve. In essence, it needed to grow up.

Driven by continuous research and development, Mike has spent the last two decades working to innovate on the field of software engineering by applying concepts found in Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, The Learning Organization and Philosophy of Management.

Created in 2008, feature[23] has leveraged this new way of thinking to become recognized as a leader in the Product Design and Development space, delivering the kind of innovation companies depend on to advance their current state of the art and drive real innovation in all aspects of the underlying business model.

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