Usha Suryadevara

Director of Development

About me

Usha Suryadevara is the Director of Development at Info Tech, Inc., a Florida-based technology company focused on construction software and an early adopter of cloud based technology. As a director, she provides technical and architectural direction to a development team of 29 software developers.Usha mastered full-stack development working with many different technologies and domains. Although her versatility helped her lead teams and advise stakeholders in technology decisions, she only recently took a special interest in the architecture side of development when she was asked to lead maintenance and development of a mission critical, highly trusted, and extremely reliable web service. Having gone through a challenge of introducing serverless architecture into her department, she is ready to share her experience with everyone.Although her interests lie in technology, Usha believes that a leader can only be as strong as the team. She constantly encourages people to be the leader they would want to follow and believes that helping others grow is the most important part of her role. She is actively involved in several mentorship programs with the University of Florida and started a university shadowing program to advance women in computer sciences and engineering.

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